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TExcellent Image and Form Printer 10.2.1 Tokyo released

All 65 versions of the RAD Studio Delphi and C++Builder Windows x32 and x64 compilers supported.

Emerald Coast, FL - September 26, 2017 - Code4Sale, LLC is proud to announce the release of version 10.2.1 "Tokyo" of it's widely acclaimed TExcellent line of image enhancement and printing SDK products for Embarcadero RAD Studio, Delphi, and C++Builder.

TExcellent products have been in forefront of image enhancement and printing technology for the publishing, medical, aerospace, and military industries, providing gigapixel imaging and reliable large format print support since 1994.

Lead SDK developer Joe C. Hecht announced this morning that no changes are required to to support the new Tokyo 10.2.1 compiler line, and "the 10.2.1 upgrade is available free of charge to all registered users."

Joe went on to say that a new cross platform printing SDK was in the works, joining the new ÜberPDF SDK product line that is soon to be released.

Example projects with source code for are available at the TExcellent Image and Form Printer product's webpage.

Fully functional trial versions of the SDK are available for download at the Code4Sale TryIt! webpage.

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